Exhibiting Artists

Lisa Bliss Rush

Lisa Bliss Rush artist head shot

Lisa works mostly in colored pencil and routinely exhibits works in various galleries and shows throughout Indiana. She lives with her family on a small farmstead in rural Carroll County, IN. 

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Jamie Hicks

Jamie Staggs Hicks artist head shot

Jamie Hicks is a painter living and working in Carroll County. Oil  painting is Jamie's main medium with occasional mixed media surprises  thrown in.  Jamie's latest works are inspired from single forgotten  moment in time found in vintage photographs.             

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Karen Sue Dill

Karen Sue Dill artist head shot

 My current endeavor, referred to as 

The Pulp Fiction Creation series, is  dubbed this because the medium was primarily paper, although, through  experimentation

 it has grown to encompass many other materials as well. 

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Nancy Fowler


A life long artist, Nancy has worked with oils, watercolor, and most recently alcohol inks.

Julie Knoeller

Julie Knoeller photographer head shot

 My  mother instilled the love of photography in me.   I mostly photograph  landscape, trees, and interesting sights.  I like the way light and  darkness play with each other. I usually do not edit my pieces so what I  see is what you get!  I love printing in unusual methods--canvas and metal for example.  

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Saundra Whiddon


Saundra works in a variety of mediums  from watercolor to sculpture to mixed media. She loves to teach others and finds excitement in helping others realize their creative potential. 

Kathy Snoeberger

Kathaleen Snoeberger Kathy artist head shot

An artist with a wide range of skills, Kathy works extensively with clay and pottery, as well as acrylics, colored pencil and watercolor.

Joy Bailey

Joy Bailey is a retired elementary art teacher who taught at Twin Lakes  in Monticello. She loves working in watercolor, pastel, and doing  calligraphy and quilling. She teaches classes at the Monticello Part and  the Monticello Union Library for children and adults. 

Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey is a retired Marketing Director and Writer. He writes  screen plays and is working on a young adult book at the present. He  enjoys working watercolor, acrylic and oil. 

Beverly Seese

Beverly Seese was a Home Economics and Music teacher on the West Coast  before moving to Delphi 25 years ago. She works mostly with fabric and  fiber art; quilts, knit ornaments, suede, and beads. 

Arlene Smith

Arlene is an oil painter concentrating on landscapes and animals.

Linda Pritchett


Amanda Gordon

Amanda Gordon

Wyndham Traxler-Carter

A retired Art and French teacher, Wyndham has encouraged many students to pursue their passion for the arts. She exhibits beautiful weavings and scarves of hand-spun wool as well as custom jewelry.